Franky Smith

Franky Smith


Franky Smith is an open-format DJ with over 20 years experience. For Franky, playing music for others has been a passion for as long as he can remember. He was gifted a Rodec MX10 by his uncle when he turned 12 years old. Franky continued to explore his passion for the music industry with opportunities to support local bands as an assistant sound engineer and DJ at various summer camps such as Kindervreugd and Horst.

His love for electronic music started in the early 90s as House music slowly entered numerous Belgian clubs. He found himself disconnected from his newly found love shortly after when he, his mom and her partner emigrated to Sri Lanka in 1992, where they lived for four years. Despite the lack of House Music, he continued to DJ at school Discos in Sri Lanka, where R&B was more popular. In 1996 Franky emigrated to Scotland, where he lived for approximately four years before moving back to Belgium in 2000, where he had a short tenure at the legendary nightclub, Zillion and has worked with other clubs, such as Delano and Le Beau Zoo.

Describing his style is tricky as he only aims for the crowd to move and enjoy themselves on the dance floor. His sets get you plugged into the zone where unity is vital. His record collection consists of Deep, Soulful, Groove and Tech House blended with a fling of classy acapella’s.