Terry C



Dance music became a part of my life during my mid-teens when introduced to Megabase. A collection of club hits from the 90s. From here, there really has been no looking back.

The rave scene was just around the corner, 5th June 1992, New Dimension in Hull, England, at the wise age of 15. This is when I decided to get a set of turntables and have a bash at being the next best thing. Eventually, purchasing a set of Technics in the late 90s and learned the art of putting records together. I was inspired by DJs such as Sasha and Sy in the early 90s from my time at the Orbit in Morley; what a club. New Year’s Eve 1992, listening to Sy and Dave Angel was my first experience with Techno.

I have now been DJing for almost 30 years. My love of music has changed over time, and I now enjoy most genres. You can’t beat the buzz of playing for a crowd. I have played at festivals, nightclubs and bars in the UK and Germany. Most of my time is now spent mixing in my home studio or on the road as a Mobile DJ.

I still love the acid sounds of Techno and the house vibe, and I hope that you enjoy what I plan to put together.

My weekly show will bring you an hour of solid Techno, some raw, some acid, and some hard solid beats and bleeps, designed to take you on a short but enjoyable journey away from the stress of reality.