About US


HouseTech Radio was founded in 2015 by Pete and Hayley Sands, a husband and wife dynamite DJ team whose love has been cemented through House and Techno music. The HouseTech Radio station was initially created as a platform for Pete & Hayley to broadcast their live shows & DJ mixes to their friends. An official HouseTech Facebook Page was created to promote the station, which soon attracted interest from local and national DJs, all playing House and Techno style music weekly.

They not only share this passion with each other but with anyone else who also breathes dance music. Following the success of establishing the HouseTech Radio Facebook Page, they created the House & Techno Facebook Group that continues to grow and grow from strength to strength. The ethos behind the group was to connect with other DJs that had also grown tired of searching the usual Top 100 online Underground House and Techno music charts for new music, and create a resource for a like-minded community of real dedicated music lovers, to share their favourite tracks.

Along the HouseTech Radio journey, we have attracted Underground House and Techno DJs, Producers, Promotors, and most importantly, friends from all over the world with one thing in common, a love of Underground House and Techno music in all its forms. We are also lucky to have established a great team that continues to support the HouseTech spirit by promoting DJs & Producers. The idea of this radio station and growing online community is to provide a professional and fun platform for all DJs to play on and showcase their sounds.

If you share our passion for Underground House and Techno music and are interested in being involved, please get in touch with the contact button or via one of our social media links. We look forward to hearing from you.