Roysat, whose DJing started as far as t2001, has gone through a few genres of electronic music that was combing house, tribal, tech-house, techno with elements of broken beats mainly played from vinyl.

His initial music inspirations were DJs like Ian Pooley, Chus & Ceballos, artists associated with Bedrock Records, but also events like Love Parade in Berlin and leading Polish Clubs. Today his inspirations moved over to Carl Cox, SNTS, Fatima Hajji, and places like Ibiza and London. Early moments of his DJing were mainly associated with local rave gatherings and Siouxie tower gig.

Moving over to the UK has given him a chance to experience more of electronic music sounds and opportunities. Many years of living in Leeds, UK, resulted in intensive involvement in DJing and music production. Many years of collaboration with Gary, aka Teksekt, resulted in the significant development of skills in DJing and music production (using Abelton and Tractor).
Roysat loved every single opportunity of experiencing electronic music. He was actively visiting best music festivals, traveling between Poland, UK, and Ibiza and associating with talented DJs.
As his passion for the music could only grow in 2018. Roysat went ahead with the 3-tier course at London Sound Academy. This was resulting in graduating with distinction from an advanced DJ course run by industry experts. This was a magic moment in his DJing career that helped to set in order his DJing path. Roysat has engaged in a great community and started gigs for bigger audiences.

His passion for the music suddenly started resulting in many great gigs across venues like: EGG London, Ministry of Sound (London), Octan (Ibiza), Sfinks700, Protokultura, Luzztro, Poziomy -1 (Poland) Full Moon Party (Thailand) also smaller places like Itaca, Rocks Bar (Ibiza), Carnivale, Ziemia, Café Szafa (Poland).

Roysat was playing alongside Djs like Ms. Dynamite, Umek, Metodi Hristov, AC Slater, Sam Paganini, Steve Lawler, Apollonia, The YellowHeads, Christoph, ØLMØ and many more.
As Roysat never feels he has reached the top of his passion, he has taken part in a full week of Elite DJ training in Ibiza run by London Sound Academy, DJ Growth Lab, Danny Savage, Marc Spence, and James Wilson. This resulted in graduating with distinction in Elite DJ course and Ableton Music Production Course.

Roysat’s years of passion for electronic music were associated with using vinyl, Ableton, Traktor, Serato, and Recordbox.

Roysat strongly believes that music is a massive human being achievement, but fun is not the only experience it should provide, he aims to take his audience for the journey full of surprises, adventures and meaningful messages.

Roysat feels great sharing techno and tech- house vibes in dark, dirty venues, but there are also times when house vibes take over getting into the fun and colorful mood. Merely saying, Roysat is not one shade of music DJ. He is full of variety and diversity that will adapt to his audience with the best taste of the musical journey.